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Denim Mask


Reusable hygienic mask. Made of recycled blue jeans on the outside, and off-white on the inside. The interior fabric  acts as a filter due to its waterproofing and antibacterial characteristics, for sanitary use. The filter material is sewn to the mask and cannot be changed. Available in three sizes, from S suitable for children from 9 to 10 years old (or for people with fine build), M and L.

The fabric complies with the established standards for hygienic masks and is also a sustainable and local mask, produced under fair working conditions.

IMPORTANT: It is a hygienic mask, but it is not an IPE or a medical device. Remember that the use of hygienic masks must always be accompanied by hygiene and social distancing measures (from 1.5 to 2m).

  • L
  • S

Size S: 12.5 cm high by 11 cm wide (in the widest part, folded in half as in the image).

Size M: 15 cm high by 12 cm wide (in the widest part, folded in half as in the image). Standard measurement for adults.

Size L: 16.5 cm high by 13 cm wide (in the widest part, folded in half as in the image). Large size


The inner fabric, which acts as a filter, has the following properties:

Filtration efficiency:> 93%.
Particle Filtration Efficiency:> 92%
Bacterial Filtration efficiency BFE 91%.
Tests carried out according to UNE-EN14683: 2019 + AC2019 standard.
As it appears from the studies to which the fabric used as a filter has been subjected, after 30 washes some of the described properties decrease.


Local raw materials, eco-friendly and produced under ethical standards, were used. Production is local and our production processes are low in energy and water consumption. In our manufacturing plants, fair pay and decent working conditions are respected.

We are committed to the durability of the garments and their repairability. It was used, in its entirety or in a percentage, as raw material “textile waste” of denim post consumer cause we bet on circularity by using fewer virgin resources and generating less environmental impact.

When your garment has come to the end of its natural life with you, donate it or take it to a recycling point. If you’re in Barcelona your best option is to take it to our Factory Store where we will infuse it with infinite life.