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Knitted Sustainable Scarf


Knitted Sustainable Scarf made with Infinit Denim thread, it is available in grey, blue navy and mouliné.

Our Infinit Denim thread is made with a 65% of recycled fiber and 35% lyocell. The 29% of the composition is fiber from post-consumer denim picked up on our Factory Store Back To Eco.

The production of the Knitted Sustainable Scarf  saves 1429 gr of CO2 compared to a garment made of conventional denim, besides the quimical saving of the organic cotton farming.

  • Blue Navy
  • Grey
  • Mouline

Standar size

Measuraments: 38 cm width x 208 cm long


Wash at 30º C / Not use dryer / Not use bleach


The Infinit Denim accessories have been created thinking of reducing its environmental impact to the minimum and looking for the maximum circularity of all the elements.

On the design: minimize the variety of materials and make them as easy and fast to separate to repair or to recycle at the end of its use life. Timeless and versatile designs, with reused and recycled materials.

On the materials: Our garments usually combine 3 materials:

  1. Post-consumer denim fabric, from jeans that our clients bring to the store or spanish social projects as Solidança (Roba Amiga).
  2. Infinitdenim Fabric made of 65% recycled fiber and 35% lyocell. The 29% of the composition is post-consumer denim fiber from our upcycling factory store, Back To Eco.
  3. Cotton fabric from factorie’s textile waste in Catalonia.

In the dyeing: The infinitdenim garments have only been dyed previosly to the spinning on a 20% of the fibers, the rest uses the original colour of the recycled fibers. On the dyed garments, there are used REACH products through a sustainable and ecofriendly process with low consumption of energy and water.

On the manufacturing: All the garments Infinit Denim are made on our Factory Store Back To Eco in Barcelona.

At the end of its use life with you: Donate to second hand or take it to a recycling point. If you are in Barcelona, the best will be to bring it to our Factory Store Back To Eco where we will try to extend its life and of the materials infinitely.