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Two’s Backpack 1759 CO2

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Backpack made with post-consumer denim and Infinit Denim fabric. It has a metal zipper at the top opening, a PC divider in its interior and a padded back to garantee protection.

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30.5 cm x 44.5 cm


The garment that’s in your hands has been made with threads and fabrics produced by Infinit Denim. 60% of the fabric is recycled 30% post-consumer jeans 30% factory cotton leftovers. The remaining 40% is cellulose from an ecologically grown forest. Also includes post-consumer denim.

Buttons and other components of the garment are vegan and recycled or ecological.

If you notice any impurity, it is due to the high percentage of recycling in its composition.


Local raw materials, eco-friendly and produced under ethical standards, were used. Production is local and our production processes are low in energy and water consumption. In our manufacturing plants, fair pay and decent working conditions are respected.

We are committed to the durability of the garments and their repairability. It was used, in its entirety or in a percentage, as raw material “textile waste” of denim post consumer cause we bet on circularity by using fewer virgin resources and generating less environmental impact.

1759 less kilos of CO2 were produced than in an average garment.

When your garment has come to the end of its natural life with you, donate it or take it to a recycling point. If you’re in Barcelona your best option is to take it to our Factory Store where we will infuse it with infinite life.