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Q&A with Montse Bayen – CEO at Back To Eco

We spoke to one of the brand’s founders to find out more about her opinion on fashion, the city where the project started, and what we can expect to see in the next collection.

What do you like most about denim?

Personally, what I like the most is its history. I’ve always like the fact that denim fabric was created for work use – it has then changed to become a fabric that appears in jeans, a garment present in all our wardrobes. I also really like its original composition with resistant cotton that gives its ability to last over time.

Of all the designs created in Infinitdenim, which one is your favourite and why?

From our SS2020 collection my favourite piece is our Sportbag, since I consider it to be a multi-purpose bag and that it can be kept as a fashion element that has been representing our brand for a long time.

Barcelona is where your sustainable concept was born, what places in the city inspire you?

My great inspiration for Barcelona its the Eixample area with its buildings. In this part of the city, and mainly on the left side, during the 19th century, there were numerous industries on the ground floor of the basement of buildings. That is why our Factory Store – also located here and where we have our clothing workshop – wants to recover that industrial fabric and return to the local production that we all need so much.

What do you remember made you wake up to the need to help create a change for the well-being of the planet?

In all my professional career I have dedicated myself to the environmental world. Therefore, for many years now (20 years of professional experience), my need to take care of the planet has been present. Now, my need is to bet on a sustainable solution in the fashion world, which is not easy, as well as to be able to offer our public circular, ethical and 100% local production fashion.

Finally, any details of the next Fall / Winter collection that you want to share?

The next FW2020 collection is our first complete collection made with our recycled fabric. It is a very urban, comfortable collection and aimed mainly at women (although there are also items for men). We have opted for timeless fashion, with the intention that our designs are pieces that last over time.