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Masks with eco label by Infinitdenim

There are already more than 1000 Infinitdenim masks around the world, so we thank you for the good reception – although for us it is not, by far, the dream situation.

What we would all give for not having to be immersed in the new normal! But, having said that, let us tell you that we are both very happy to be able to collaborate to protect our health with this line of masks that are not only comfortable and beautiful, but also reusable. And hence its importance.

At Infinitdenim we have created our own line of reusable masks, ethically committed to the environment – faithful to our commitment to the circular economy and responsible consumption – which we want to talk about, to get you out of doubt. How much do Infinitdenim masks protect? What are they made of? Are they durable? Here we have explained everything you wanted to know in this post.

The reusable Infinitdenim masks are highly recommended for their technical specifications to begin with. The Infinitdenim masks belong to the category of hygienic masks, which are recommended for everyday use by the general population, unlike surgical masks or PPE that are intended for sick people and / or health personnel. Our masks meet all the requirements detailed in the UNE 0065 specification of April 2020, UNE 0065-2020 standard (specifications on reusable hygienic masks for adults and children, requirements for materials, design, manufacture, marking and use).

A. The reverse is composed of a white sanitary filtering fabric.

  • It is a fabric with antibacterial treatment and that lasts up to 30 washes (water repellent).
  • The fabric offers 91% bacteriological protection and 36% breathability.
  • Officially, bacteriological values of 90% and a breathability of less than 60 are requested (If you want more information on this topic, find it by clicking here)

B. The obverse is made of two different types of fabric:

  • Infinit Denim fabric with 0% polyester composition, and with an average of 70% recycled cotton and 30% cellulose fibres from organically grown forests.
  • Made from reused denim whose composition at medium level contains 98% cotton.

All our masks are made in our Back To Eco workshop.
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Having clarified the technical specifications of our Infinitdenim masks, we do not want to end this post without highlighting the importance of the need to reuse the masks. Since last July 9, the use of the mask is mandatory throughout Catalonia as a protection measure against possible outbreaks of the Coronavirus. Taking into account that in Catalonia we are 7.5 million people, you can imagine what would have happened if we all had opted for disposable masks!

If a mask weighs an average of 3 grams, at the end of the day we would have generated 22.8 tons of non-recyclable waste. Single-use masks, mainly imported from China, are made of multiple layers of different materials or polymers that make it very difficult to recycle. Hopefully, these 22 tons would have ended up in a controlled landfill, but if only 1% of this daily total had been dumped uncontrollably, 200 kg per day is what would be becoming part of our ecosystems, generating multiple impacts on the fauna and flora. Totally unattainable numbers if we extrapolate them to a month or a year.

Health is now ahead of everything, but once again there are more sustainable options that give us the same guarantees but without the need to harm the planet. The Government has been constantly reminding the population of the need to fight the virus together, but at Infinitdenim we want to claim that they also need to promote the use of reusable and UNE-certified hygienic masks. These are mostly recyclable since after 30 washes they can be deposited in a textile waste collection container where they will be properly recycled.
Let’s also not forget that the reusable masks that are being marketed in our area are mostly locally produced, so with the use of these masks we will be supporting the economic recovery of our society.
Environmental policies must be present in a transversal manner in each and every one of the government areas – bear in mind that any decision made at the government level is likely to help improve or, on the contrary, destroy the planet by same.