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Save the planet


Thinking in a sustainable way implies doing it throughout the creation process, which is why a eco-design criteria is established and used when planning a piece, it consists on the following:

  • Avoid incorporating into the designs pieces that increase the variability of the materials or that contribute some kind of difficulty when they are recycled.
  • Pattern making that maximizes the use of the fabric, creating the minimum residue.
  • Create recycled products between 50% and 100% that are attractive, resistant, ergonomic and adaptable.


At Infinitdenim we prioritize having a minimum environmental impact, therefore:

  • The composition of the materials used is recycled and/or organic, and that the least amount of  chemical compounds have been applied to them.
  • The use of materials containing polyester or other derivatives of fossil fuels is avoided at all costs.
  • The purchase of materials is done with nearby companies to shorten travel distances and, consequently, reduce pollution.



We use our own fabric that has received the name of INFINIT DENIM , that is produced completely in Catalunya. Its main characteristics are:

Its composition consists of: 30% post-consumer denim, 30% recycled pre-consumer cotton, 40% cellulose from sustainably cultivated forests.

* You can learn more about the composition of the materials used in the “detailed description” that you will find in each product of our online shop.


Infinitdenim is produced entirely in Catalonia, thus allowing the brand to monitor and control production and, in turn, the consequent reduction in CO2 emissions associated with transport.

All Infinitdenim accessories are made in Back To Eco’s own workshop. A part from the products contains post-consumer jeans, and for optimal reuse our workshop has a visual and tactile control procedure that ensures product quality.

Circular Economy

When we lable the circular economy as the basis of our production, materials come to mind that circulate and transform or that are never abandoned or destroyed. Although it is true that in Back to Eco we have as a premise to reduce the consumption of new resources while minimizing the generation of waste – the circular economy that we defend is also a way of visualizing the world. This is an economy that goes beyond the particular benefit, since it bets for a global profit in which in every transaction we all win.

We work day by day, creating networks that serve to relate, connect and collaborate among all and thus be able to move forward – together, towards more friendly economic models with the planet and with people.


All the products used in the dyeing and washing processes are registered in the R.E.A.C.H. The processes that are applied are sustainable and eco friendly, since they are characterized by having low energy and water consumption.


If you have purchased an Infinit garment, we advise you to take into account the following suggestions:

  • We recommend washing the garment inside out and avoid washing it excessively to give it greater durability and minimize the consumption of water and detergents. If you detect any impurity it is due to the high percentage of recycling in its composition.
  • When the garment can no longer live with you, donate it or take it to a recycling point. If you are in Barcelona, the best thing to do is return it to our Factory Store where we hope to extend the life of your materials to infinity.