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Our mission

Back to eco & Infinitdenim

Back To Eco is the name you sometimes see in front of and sometimes behind Infinitdenim. Back To Eco is the name we started working with in 2016, while Infinitdenim is the original name of the eco-recycled fabric that we self-produced as Back To Eco in 2019.

In 2020 we launched into the world of fashion with our first clothing collection made with our own fabric, and at that time we decided that Infinitdenim should be the trademark of our products. We also decided that Back To Eco best represented the whole movement we generated as an organization and everything we built as a team. Back To Eco currently symbolizes:

  • Our local presence.
  • The talks addressed to other entities.
  • Repair, recycling and reuse workshops.
  • The most creative innovation.
  • Participation and social activation.
  • The demand for an ethical and sustainable fashion at the local level

The most social part of Back To Eco continues to work as a non-profit association. You can follow us on all social networks and attend our talks, workshops and other events.


In 2016 Back To Eco was born from the union of a biologist and an ambientologist with the intention of converting materials considered waste into new products. We literally wanted to “go back to the eco” of earlier times, where the lifecycle of our items was extended by repairing, reconverting and reusing.

Why denim as the main fabric?

Montse’s mother gave her a bag made from old blue jeans and all the waste we had experimented with (since 2013 when we started working together). This seemed to us to be the one that gave the best results. We made the first bags with different specialized work centers near Barcelona and with jeans picked up by friends.

In December 2017 we opened our shop-workshop in Barcelona with our own clothing workshop and hired two women in situations of social vulnerability.

Since our first bag, more than 20 tons of post-consumer jeans have passed through our hands. We have worked tirelessly to create our business model based on a circular economy that could benefit our society and the planet.

If you want us to come to do a conference or would like us to come to do a workshop. Write us at info@backtoeco.com and we will surely find a way to collaborate!


Montse Bayen and Núria Nubiola, founders of Back to Eco, are responsible for the entire project from its inception. You will find Montse more in production and sales of Infinitdenim, while Núria in communication and management of Back To Eco’s social activity.

Ivonne Penadillo is the design manager and is charge of the BTB and BTC of Infinitdenim.

Albert Pallares is responsible for international sales.

Lorena Canales and Hanane Mnihich are responsible for cutting and making all Infinitdenim accessories, as well as for the orders that come from Back To Eco.


Our workshop has 3 lines of work that continue to develop for years with rigor and transparency.

First we find the clothing line of all the accessories that are marketed as Infinitdenim. Second, in the same workshop, jeans are repaired for an affordable price for all those who need it. We like to help extend the life of this valued garment, before it becomes a new product in our workshop.

Finally, we also make custom accessories and orders for companies, events, and other initiatives. We use reused or eco-recycled fabrics for each. 

You can request our updated catalog by writing to info@backtoeco.com


  1. Premis Catalunya d’Ecodisseny – given by the the Department of the Environment of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  1. Prize for the most sustainable trade in Barcelona, delivered by the Barcelona City Council.

Workshops & Conferences

Since we started walking together, between the two (Montse and Núria) we have done more than 200 workshops and conferences.

We have been able to share our particular vision of the circular economy in more than 15 Catalan universities (Ub, Upc Textil, Upc Industrial, Upf, Esdi, Uvic, Uab, Uic, Bau, Umediterrania, Udg, Llotja, Elisava, Esci, Esdesign), in business centers, sustainable fashion forums and in institutes, among many others. We have been able to reach more than 2,000 people through dynamic talks and explanations with quality content! We have also carried out a variety of practical workshops around the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, in large events, civic centers, sustainability parties, study centers, NGOs, and others. The workshops that Back To Eco carries out are always linked to the textile world and can be based both on the repair of jeans, and on customizing jeans in a creative way using various materials.